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Re: Allotment

#181 Post by om15 » Tue Oct 08, 2019 1:50 pm

I haven't spent as much time at the allotment as I should, I have cleared number two plot and part of the original plot, I have laid a strawberry bed of twenty plants, dug in a compost bin full of almost decomposed compost and covered with a mat.
Still have one row of spuds to lift, I have been lifting about 8 to 10 good spuds per plant, have carrots, parsnips, brussels coming along nicely, last few cabbages ready to lift. I have planted a dozen or so foxgloves around the edge amongst the hedge plants, plus the seeds from this year's plants will self seed, insects love foxgloves.
One of the boundary fences is on its last legs, so there is a vague plan that a couple of us will replace that this autumn, the expenditure will have to be approved at the annual meeting, nothing is done in much of a hurry.

The vines did a mild crop of grapes which I shall leave for the birds, also left the last of the raspberries for them. My plan for next year is to grow more varied and interesting things, producing hundred weights of spuds and cabbages for the two of us is just not working.
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Re: Allotment

#182 Post by Ex-Ascot » Wed Oct 23, 2019 4:35 pm

It is a disaster here. We can't water from the lagoon and the borehole is full of iron. The garden and lawns are dying, all the vegetables and salad stuff has died. The fruit trees are living but not producing. Interestingly enough our rape is doing OK. This was a request to be grown by our housekeeper. Local knowledge?
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