Wot 'Nuts and Bolts' is for

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henry crun

Wot 'Nuts and Bolts' is for

#1 Post by henry crun » Thu Oct 22, 2015 8:22 am

There has been a complaint elsewhere that 'Nuts and Bolts' is underused, so perhaps I should explain.

My suggestion of this topic came simply from reading the topic titles and realising that, under the general heading 'Others who make a living from Aviation', there was nowhere for industry experts to post. Plenty of places for those who use and repair aircraft, but nowhere for those who create the things in the first place. I had rather hoped that the greats of Boeing and Airbus might be tempted. And the engine experts also. I recall reading many interesting posts on the AF447 thread and on the Qantas A380 thread which gave first-hand information and was an education unavailable anywhere else.

Alas, we have not yet fielded any of these august personages, so I must apologise if this area is as yet underused.

This may be linked to my policy when recruiting for this site, I only put ads on their Jet Blast and carefully avoided the professional areas, in an attempt at fair play which perhaps has not been fully appreciated.

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Re: Wot 'Nuts and Bolts' is for

#2 Post by Sisemen » Thu Oct 22, 2015 2:49 pm

They're probably like buses Henry - you wait ages for one and then 5 turn up at the same time.

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