Drones - a hazard to aviation?

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Re: Drones - a hazard to aviation?

#121 Post by Pontius Navigator » Thu Dec 26, 2019 2:25 pm

They are not allowed to be flown within (ie an MSD) of 60m of any person, vessel, vehicle or structure.
For all practicable purposes that means you can't fly a drone.

An irresistible attraction is to get aerial pictures of your own home and gardens. There are few homes with 100 metres clear around them.

If you go to the country it would be rare to find accessible places where there are no others.

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Re: Drones - a hazard to aviation?

#122 Post by CharlieOneSix » Thu Dec 26, 2019 3:14 pm

Mrs Ex-Ascot wrote:
Thu Dec 26, 2019 6:22 am
While it sounds impressive that 75 % of Drone owners have registered, the worry is that it still leaves about 45,000 owners who have not.....
The British Model Flying Association have an agreement with the CAA that members with the appropriate qualifications can send their £9 fee, together with their Association annual membership fee due on 31 December, to the BMFA who will forward the £9 for each member - and their names and addresses - to the CAA in January. CAA Flyer ID's which have to be attached to the unmanned craft will be issued in February. So none of the 36,000 BMFA members will yet be included in the Wail's 75% and paid up members can legally fly their unmanned craft until receipt of their Flyer ID.

Just a clarification, whilst it is 'drone' incidents which have resulted in this registration requirement, registration is needed is for all unmanned airborne craft above 250g, not just 'drones'. The trouble with 'drones', especially ones with GPS 'autopilots' which give autohover and 'return to place of take off', is that they are too easy to fly without instruction whereas an old fashioned model aircraft will probably crash on the first attempt to fly without instruction.
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