Climate Crisis!!!!

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Re: Climate Crisis!!!!

#421 Post by Undried Plum » Mon May 02, 2022 11:09 am

Heat pumps are always very much more expensive to run than mains gas.
You’d be better off using electric fires.
Oh good grief! What garbage.

We don't have mains gas here, but I'm aware of gas pricing. My 222m deep heat well produces a gross heat output of 9kW for an electric input of 2kW. 7kW of 'free' heat. The going rate for mains electricity here is £0.276 per kWhr and in the nearest town the rate for gas is £0.07334 per kWhr. So an expenditure of 2 times £0.276 = £0.552 buys me that much energy plus the 7kW of 'free' energy which would cost £0.51338 if purchased.

Therefore the 9kW costs £0.552 which would cost £0.660 if powered by gas. It's therefore untrue to say that it costs more than it would if powered by gas.

the cacophony of tired heat pumps and their clapped out forced circulation fans
More crap. The circulation pumps are no noisier than any other central heating system and the overall noise level is lower than a gas combi boiler because you don't have the noise of the gas burners and the whirring of a combustion fan.

even tiny installation errors turn heat pumps into nightmares
Now that bit is true. The local village had all its council houses retrofitted with air source heat pumps and the result was disastrous. The first winter after installation was a cold one. -13°C at night rising to -7°C by day. At -5° the system stopped producing any heat whatsoever. One elderly woman was hospitalised in deep hypothermia and died a week or two later from pneumonia.

The Council gave each household two Super SER gas heaters and unlimited supplies of Calor gas bottles. They produce a lot of heat but also emit vast quantities of water vapour. That vapour instantly condensed and froze on all windows and the insides of external walls and soaked its way through the timber frame and cladding of the 1940s prefab houses. Rot ensued and within a decade a couple of dozen of them had to be demolished. Scurrilous local gossip holds that the Council official who signed the purchase order enjoys luxury holidays in the Canary Islands at the contractor's expense.

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