How Not To Evacuate a Mad Dog

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How Not To Evacuate a Mad Dog

#1 Post by PHXPhlyer » Mon Apr 29, 2024 3:23 pm

Unbelievable! :-o
Less than three hours to repack slides and depart. :-?

Accident: Laser MD83 at Caracas on Apr 28th 2024, smoke in cabin after landing
By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Apr 29th 2024 10:42Z, last updated Monday, Apr 29th 2024 11:03Z

A Laser Airlines McDonnell Douglas MD-83, registration YV3465 performing flight QL-943 from Maracaibo to Caracas (Venezuela) with 91 people on board, had landed safely on Caracas' runway 10L and had taxied to the apron, when upon reaching the gate the emergency slides were deployed and an evacuation was carried out due to smoke on board. A number of passengers received minor injuries as result of the (disorderly) evacuation.

Medical services deployed and took a number of passengers to local hospitals.

Videos show passengers sliding down with their luggage and falling down, luggage sliding down hitting other passenger, one woman remained on the floor after falling and was taken away.

Nonetheless, the airport reported there were no injuries.

Venezuela's Ministry of Interior reported the flight with 91 people was destined for Santo Domingo.

Passengers reported they were just arriving from Maracaibo when the smoke appeared in the cabin and the slides were suddenly deployed.

The airline did not yet comment on the occurrence.

The occurrence aircraft was able to depart for Santo Domingo with a delay of about 3 hours.

Video of part of the evacuation (Video: DolarToday):

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By (anonymous) on Monday, Apr 29th 2024 13:31Z

Watching that woman faceplant coming off the slide was quite funny, maybe she'll leave her luggage behind next time...

No Injuries
By OddManOut on Monday, Apr 29th 2024 12:49Z

There were no injuries except for the people who were hurt.

The occurence aircraft was able to depart for Santo Domingo with a delay of about 3 hours?
By Hans R. on Monday, Apr 29th 2024 12:36Z

Then how much time was spent between the Arrival and the Departure of the Aircraft? After such an Accident an Aircraft is usually flying to nowhere for the next couple of hours.

The poor old Mad Dog.

YV3465 is btw a former American-Airlines-Aircraft, built in 1987 (!). And the Final Report about the Red-Air-Accident in Miami - Red Air is a subsidiary of Laser Airlines - is just out, too: the sad end of another poor old Mad Dog, which flew for this Company.

By T.R. on Monday, Apr 29th 2024 12:14Z

How on earth is it possible to resume flight only 3hours later?
They had to check the source of the smoke, check everthing is ok and give the plane a go and btw how get the new slides for the oncoming flight plus installed them... oh dear...

The (disorderly) evacuation.
By Billy on Monday, Apr 29th 2024 11:52Z

If I were an aircraft designer, I would have the overhead luggage bins locked and unlocked remotely during take off and landing by say, the chief purser so that an emergency evacuation in a manner like this would be preventable. It only takes one passenger to trip on their luggage and then a pile up of bodies occurs.

By (anonymous) on Monday, Apr 29th 2024 11:51Z

3 hours? Did it have functional slides on the return flight?


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