Sneaking admiration for this criminal!

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Sneaking admiration for this criminal!

#1 Post by Capetonian » Mon Nov 12, 2018 7:32 am

Fraudster fled UK after asking flying instructor to drop him off in France during lesson ... kSKnMTGVkr
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Re: Sneaking admiration for this criminal!

#2 Post by Cacophonix » Mon Nov 12, 2018 12:29 pm

He/they didn't flee far enough or to the right place. I wonder how much the flying instructor knew and how he/she has faired in the wake of this murky affair?

I would hie my arse over to Cuba or, more locally, Montenegro!

Spain really isn't the place to go, as most British criminals can attest, despite their proclivity for its sunshine, sex and sangia. I might also go to Zimbabwe or, even better, Namibia (but not entirely secure). ... invisible/

In Africa, Ethiopia and Botswana, two of the continent’s star economies, don’t have many extradition treaties. Uganda is also in this boat. Those looking to venture into frontier markets can use this goal as an impetus for exploring opportunities on the continent.

Where should someone from the United Kingdom on the run flee to? Well, many on the list above share a lack of extradition treaties with the UK as well. Also worth noting are Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Cameroon, the Dominican Republic, Georgia, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and Venezuela.
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Re: Sneaking admiration for this criminal!

#3 Post by Slasher » Mon Nov 12, 2018 1:00 pm

A court heard the two men hired the same person to drive a rental van with their furniture to the Costa del Sol.

So who do we know in CdS who probably dobbed 'em in and got both blokes extradited hmmm? 🤔

BTW Caco if you ever need a 320 flying lesson from Stansted to Maun I'm your boy! :D

I'll only ask for 10% of the loot.

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